Will Donald Trump Truly Throw His Children To The Wolves To Save Himself?

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Will Donald Trump Truly Throw His Children To The Wolves To Save Himself? Staggering New Report Says We May Soon Find Out

It’s only a matter of time now.

By Andrea Thompson January 23, 2022

Will Donald Trump Truly Throw His Children To The Wolves To Save Himself? Staggering New Report Says We May Soon Find Out

After watching the way Donald Trump moved and worked during his four very long, very public, very tumultuous years in office, it didn’t take us long to realize that there’s literally next to no one that he wouldn’t gladly throw under the bus if it meant saving himself. Hell, we’ve watched him do it over and over again, as everyone around him seemingly drops like flies but somehow he remains apparently untouchable.

The only people in this world that we’ve speculated Trump may have enough love and loyalty for to not throw them to the wolves given the chance is his children — namely, his eldest two spawns, Don Jr. and Ivanka. Frankly, we’ve never felt certain that even they were safe from their own father if it truly came down to it. And even one of Trump’s own insiders has personally weighed in on the matter in the past, claiming that he feels certain the now-former president would undoubtedly send his own children to the “gallows.”

However, even with Trump’s perceived loyalty to his offspring, there’s just no denying that the severity of Trump’s troubles is rapidly mounting all around him, as he faces down very serious investigations and allegations from just about every angle these days.

Just this week, the disgraced former guy was served up one hell of a setback, after the US Supreme Court ordered the ex-president to turn over his records leading up to the infamous January 6th riot that was requested by the House Select Committee. On top of that, New York Attorney General Letitia James had a bombshell week with regard to her Trump Organization probe, ultimately issuing subpoenas for both of Trump’s eldest children, as well as announcing that she’s acquired “significant evidence” that now allows her to move forward with forcing Trump himself to testify in the case.

Now, The Daily Beast has published their own analysis on the likelihood of ex-President Donald Trump finally becoming desperate enough to truly throw his own children under the bus if it means saving his own skin — and frankly, it’s not looking good for his kids.

The report deeply details the various levels of legal trouble Donald Trump is currently facing and notes that these recent developments rope his children into the mix in a way that we haven’t previously seen.

“It’s easy to view the Trumps as farce, but there’s an element of tragedy, with the children emulating the sins of the father,” the Beasts’ Margaret Carlson pens in her blistering, spot-on analysis.

“Trump doesn’t technically live on Fifth Avenue anymore. But even in his spacious Mar-a-Lago exile, he must feel like the walls are closing in. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind. And now his children are in the legal crosshairs,” she concludes after thoroughly picking apart the Trump family’s mounting woes.

“Even Trump must know, he can’t hide from consequences forever. It’s only a matter of time.”

Author: John Hanno

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