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Michael Moore’s Response to the Texas Shooting Is Going Viral

Posted By: S. Nicholson         November 6, 2017

In the aftermath of the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX this weekend, many on the left have renewed their pleas for gun law reform in order to reduce the likelihood of such incidents.

For instance, while GOP lawmakers simply called for prayer, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said that “no one is safe so long as Congress chooses to do absolutely nothing in the face of” the seemingly commonplace mass shootings.

“As my colleagues go to sleep tonight, they need to think about whether the political support of the gun industry is worth the blood that flows endlessly onto the floors of American churches, elementary schools, movie theaters, and city streets,” Murphy said.

Former President Barack Obama tweeted out that his family grieved with all the families affected by the gun violence, and invoked God to “grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.”

And as details emerged about the shooter, Devin Kelley — particularly his history of domestic violence towards his wife and stepson, as well as a previous incident of animal cruelty — documentary filmmaker Michael Moore issued a statement on Facebook condemning the culture that allows such a person to legally purchase an assault-type rifle:

“Ok, after hearing the history of the Texas gunman, I finally get it. Before you can buy a gun in the USA, you first can beat your wife, then you can beat your child, then, after you’ve served jail time for that, you can be court-martialed and removed from the military for “bad conduct,” and THEN, after all that, you can have an hour-long stand-off with police after you’ve clubbed your dog in the head – after which you are then arrested for animal cruelty — AND THEN AND ONLY THEN you can go out a legally buy the assault weapon of your choice! WHY DOESN’T ANY OTHER COUNTRY FOLLOW OUR FINE EXAMPLE?!”

Author: John Hanno

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Bogan High School. Worked in Alaska after the earthquake. Joined U.S. Army at 17. Sergeant, B Battery, 3rd Battalion, 84th Artillery, 7th Army. Member of 12 different unions, including 4 different locals of the I.B.E.W. Worked for fortune 50, 100 and 200 companies as an industrial electrician, electrical/electronic technician.

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