A Cow Was Spotted Waiting in the Drive-through Line at a Wisconsin McDonald’s

A Cow Was Spotted Waiting in the Drive-through Line at a Wisconsin McDonald’s


Jessica Nelson was waiting in the McDonald’s drive-through line in Marshfield, Wisconsin, last Thursday when she realized there was something unusual about a fellow customer a few cars ahead of her: a cow in the back seat.

That’s when she took out her camera phone to capture the scene, which she posted on Facebook with the caption: “A WHOLE FREAKING COW!!! Tell me you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsin.”

“I thought it was fake at first. Who puts a cow in a Buick?” she told the Associated Press. After all, what would a cow be doing at a fast-food restaurant known for its beef burgers.

She was even more surprised when she saw the mammal move its head. “I realized it was 100 percent real,” she said, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “No one seemed to be as interested as I was. I was the only one with my phone out.”

Her video quickly went viral, as she woke up the next morning to 52,000 views and more than 2,000 shares, she said in a follow-up post. She also wrote: “All because an old man drove thru [sic] McDonald’s with a cutie cow. I wish I was able to give him all the credit — I just shot the video.”

The Mosinee resident told the AP that the cow’s owner later reached out to her and explained that he had just bought the animal at an auction — and that it was actually a calf. In fact, there were two other calves along with the one she spotted. “There were three calves total in the back seat!” she told the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Since the original video was posted on Aug. 26, it has gotten over 249,000 views.

Author: John Hanno

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