Russia engaging is medieval warfare, says US OSCE envoy

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Russia engaging is medieval warfare, says US OSCE envoy

June 3, 2022

Russia engaging is medieval warfare
Russia engaging is medieval warfare

Russia’s war against Ukraine – the main events on June 3

“15 weeks of cruelty, 15 weeks of bestiality, 15 weeks of violence, with so many reports of casualties, forced deportations, rape, filtration camps and destruction … it (is) difficult to comprehend the scale of the slaughter perpetrated by the Russian Federation,” said Carpenter.

“After 15 weeks, the terror that Russia is deliberately using against Ukraine’s civilian population has no end in sight.”

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Carpenter described Russian tactics as medieval: Moscow uses destruction to force local populations to abandon their homes and flee, thereby making it easier to occupy barren lands.

He added that looting and pillaging of Ukrainian resources by the Russians are similarly hallmarks of barbaric approaches to warfare.

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“Sadistic bestiality and the ‘filtering’ process could have a goal,” the official said.

“Especially if this goal is to eradicate the very concept of Ukrainian statehood in regions under Russian occupation, in order to absorb these parts of Ukraine more easily.”

Author: John Hanno

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