‘Morning Joe’ Host Scarborough Explodes on Lack of ‘Humanity’ in GOP: ‘I’m So Sick and Tired of This Bulls–‘ (Video)

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‘Morning Joe’ Host Scarborough Explodes on Lack of ‘Humanity’ in GOP: ‘I’m So Sick and Tired of This Bulls–‘ (Video)

Benjamin Lindsay – November 4, 2022

A week out from the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough became uncharacteristically irate Friday while discussing the Republican Party’s overall response. He even warned viewers at one point to “cover the kids’ ears” so he could curse them out: “I’m so sick and tired of this bulls—!”

The explosive diatribe against the GOP began with Scarborough highlighting the party’s lack of empathy in their response to the attack. Many within the party haven’t responded it all, and of those who have, very few have outright denounced the attack, instead opting to mock Pelosi and spread conspiracy theories about his assailant.

“Here’s a guy who’s in great shape, but he’s 82 years old. He got brutally attacked, he got hit in the head, he had emergency surgery because of a fractured skull. And Republicans and the most powerful people in the world are making fun of this guy and spreading lies,” Scarborough said. “This is not ‘our politics are broken.’ Let’s stop saying, ‘Our politics are broken.’ The Republican Party is broken. The MAGA Right is broken. There is a sickness here.”

The morning show host then acknowledged Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell’s speaking out against the attack, “but not many others spoke out about it.” He also compared the response seen today to how Democrats responded to Louisiana’s Steve Scalise when he was shot in 2017.

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“I’ve gotta say this – cover the kids’ ears – I’m so sick and tired of this bulls— about, ‘Oh but what about Steve Scalise?’ Nancy Pelosi was practically in tears after Steve Scalise was shot, and she said, ‘We’re all one family.’ There is no humanity in the Republican Party. No humanity at all, and this has proven it,” Scarborough said. “Where are these people? They’re mocking Paul Pelosi!

“By the way,” he continued, “the same people who in primetime mocked police officers who wept about Jan. 6 – they wanna support the blue, unless the blue is trying to save American democracy against their most freakish supporters. They wanna support law enforcement – unless it’s the FBI, who’s investigating corruption at the the highest level in the Republican Party. It’s select enforcement. They only support Madisonian Democracy if their side wins. They only support law enforcement if their side gets a free pass. It is a sickness in the Republican Party. It is not a sickness in American politics.”

Watch Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” rant in full in the video above.

Author: John Hanno

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