MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Accuses Kyrsten Sinema of ‘Upholding White Supremacy’

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MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Accuses Kyrsten Sinema of ‘Upholding White Supremacy’

Lindsey Ellefson January 15, 2022

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross was the latest to scold Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for her refusal to align with her party on dismantling the filibuster, saying Saturday that, “Sinema is a Democrat, but she is in many ways upholding white supremacy.”

During Saturday’s “The Cross Connection,” viewers saw a clip of Sinema’s emotional Thursday speech in which she reiterated her decision not to vote with the majority of her party for filibuster reform, which garnered significant blowback online and on cable news. Senate Democrats have been attempting to pass two voting rights bills in the face of unified GOP opposition. The passages hinge on Sinema and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.

“I don’t think I can roll my eyes hard enough and you kind of just want to say, ‘Girl, bye,’” Cross said of Sinema.

Guest Angela Rye also weighed in, adding Sinema’s stance is “rooted in falsehoods.”

“We also know that voting rights has been supported on a bipartisan level in both chambers of Congress since 1965, when a Democrat signed the bill into law,” Rye continued. “So, what I would tell Sen. Sinema is to please reflect on your history. Not not a wobbly voice, not an emotional plea for people to remove or to not remove the filibuster when you just could cross that hurdle. Right now — I’m talking about this year — they could cross that hurdle.”

Cross added, “It is a way to ensure we’re back on that right road, and in this case, she is a hurdle on that road.”

Former President Donald Trump, the leading figure in the Republican party, is planning a rally in Arizona Saturday, just two days ahead of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The late civil rights leader’s family is rallying for the voting rights bills in the same state over the holiday.

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