Ukraine soon to get more HIMARS weapons, second stage of training of Ukrainian troops starts

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Ukraine soon to get more HIMARS weapons, second stage of training of Ukrainian troops starts

June 28, 2022


“We’re continuing to work our security assistance and moving heaven and earth to get that assistance forward to the Ukrainians as fast as we can, and I think what you’re seeing on the battlefield is that the Ukrainians are making good use of not just our assistance, but systems that they’re obtaining from our partners and allies around the world,” the official said.

Reporter Jack Detch of the Foreign Policy news outlet also said that the Ukrainian military will soon begin a new stage of training in the use of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system.

“U.S. training for about 50 Ukrainian troops on the HIMARs multiple rocket launch systems will take about two weeks: (according to a) senior U.S. defense official,” Detch tweeted.

“U.S. expects the second round of training to begin soon and to cover Ukrainian troops of different ranks.”

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In early June, the United States announced that it would send four HIMARS MLRS and ammunition for them to Ukraine.

The Defense Minister of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, confirmed on June 23 that the first of the U.S. systems had already arrived in Ukraine. On the same day, the Pentagon announced another aid package for Kyiv, which, according to media reports, includes an additional four systems.

Author: John Hanno

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