Reach’ to Compare Trump to Hitler: If You Don’t See It, ‘You’re Just Stupid’ or ‘You’re One of Them’ (Video)

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‘Morning Joe’ Says It’s ‘Not a Reach’ to Compare Trump to Hitler: If You Don’t See It, ‘You’re Just Stupid’ or ‘You’re One of Them’ (Video)

Andi Ortiz – September 26, 2023

Donald Trump has returned to an old favorite insult, calling NBC and MSNBC an “enemy of the people” once again on Monday. As a result, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough argued on Tuesday that, at this point, “it’s not a reach” to liken Trump to Hitler “without any concerns whatsoever.”

In yet another angry screed on Truth Social, Trump wrote that if he were to win re-election, he would likely start charging organizations like NBC to be on the air, and investigate them for their “Country Threatening Treason.” To that, Scarborough only scoffed.

Homing in on the fact that Trump “says that the news network that is most critical of him should be taken off the air,” Scarborough immediately likened Trump to Hitler.

“This is not a reach, I can go back and talk about Nazi Germany and I do it without any concerns whatsoever,” Scarborough said. “And if people can’t start drawing the parallels, well, you’re just stupid or you have your head in the sand, or you’re one of them.”

As the conversation continued, Scarborough also compared Trump to Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister in Hungary, who heavily restricted free press in that country. But eventually, Scarborough’s musings returned to more graphic Hitler callouts.

“Do I think that Donald Trump’s could be allowed to line people up against a wall and shoot them? No, he’d like to. No doubt! I know him. And I’ve known him for a long time. And we can see this. He would like to; he’s not going to be allowed to.”

That said, Scarborough does expect Republicans to let him restrict the freedom of the press.

“That is something that Republicans — 50% of Americans are supporting him right now, despite the fact he steals nuclear secrets, and he steals war plans, and he says he’s going to terminate the constitution. So sure, they’ll let him shut down TV stations. That’s where we are!”

You can watch Scarborough’s full comments in the video above.

Author: John Hanno

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