‘MAGA Olympics’? Jim Acosta Floats Idea of the Ted Cruz ‘Tequila Luge,’ a Tonya Harding-Like Marjorie Taylor Greene (Video)

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‘MAGA Olympics’? Jim Acosta Floats Idea of the Ted Cruz ‘Tequila Luge,’ a Tonya Harding-Like Marjorie Taylor Greene (Video)

Rosemary Rossi – February 12, 2022

CNN’s Jim Acosta finds sport in poking fun at the Republican party but Saturday, he did it literally, tossing out the idea of a “MAGA Olympics,” with some of the GOP’s “major players” competing in games with a unique twist.

“Trump and his buddies should consider hosting their own Winter Games,” Acosta said, even suggesting a few of the GOP’s finest for specific events. “There are some major players to watch.”

Cut to a clip of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy literally sprinting down a Capitol corridor attempting to dodge ABC congressional correspondent Rachel Scott’s questions on the run.

“Like Kevin McCarthy speed-skating about the RNC labeling January 6th as ‘legitimate political discourse,’” Acosta said. “And then there’s the Tonya Harding of the House GOP, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who discovered a fly in her canned talking points,” referring to the Georgia representative erroneously calling the brutal Nazi police force known as the Gestapo, “gazpacho,” which is a classic Spanish soup.

“As some observers noted, first Gazpacho Police. What’s next? Sangria Law?” Acosta joked.

“Perhaps Ted Cruz could compete,” Acosta went on. “Yes, it’s true, Cancun is probably too warm for the Winter Games — unless there’s a Tequila Luge.”

“But the far-right Olympic Games would fit right in with its autocratic tendencies,” Acosta continued. “The MAGA Olympics could follow the lead set by China with its freestyle skiing competition at a dystopian-looking Beijing industrial park, not to mention its appalling human rights record.”

Although Russia received a two-year ban from the World Anti-Doping Agency, banning Russia at the Olympics, Paralympics or World Championships between Dec. 17, 2020 and Dec. 17, 2022, with no athlete representing Russia. Instead, Russian athletes who passed drug tests can compete under the “Olympic Athletes from Russia” banner.

“No wonder Russia thinks it can get away with bullying Ukraine. It’s not even punished for cheating in sports,” Acosta said. “As for our own cheater-in-chief back here in the U.S., Trump does not seem very worried as if his punishment is being decided by the Olympic committee rather than the Justice Department.”

He went on: “Perhaps in 2024, Trump could run under the TIC — the Trump Insurrection Committee. He could bring home yet another gold toilet.”

Author: John Hanno

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