John Oliver Unloads on Democrats for Election Losses: ‘Voters Have Turned on Them’

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John Oliver Unloads on Democrats for Election Losses: ‘Voters Have Turned on Them’

Marlow Stern – November 7, 2021


On Sunday night’s edition of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took aim at the Democrats for getting clobbered in this past week’s elections.

“The Democrats had a rough time in Tuesday’s election. They lost the governor’s race in Virginia and nearly lost the governorship of New Jersey. But perhaps the clearest sign of just how much voters have turned on them was this,” explained Oliver before throwing to a clip of Republican Edward Durr. The truck driver with no political experience won a Senate seat in the state of New Jersey over Democratic incumbent Steve Sweeney, the president of the New Jersey Senate. Durr spent just $2,300 on his campaign compared to Sweeney’s $600,000.

“OK, I know there’s a lot to process there,” offered Oliver. “But what I did not need to be told there is that the name of his vanquisher—this man—is Ed Durr.”

He then put up a photo of Durr dressed in an ill-fitting suit and suspenders, adding: “Because when you look like this, the ‘Ed Durr’ is very much assumed. I see this image and I immediately know three things: He’s a white middle-aged guy, his style icon is Larry King, and his name is unavoidably ‘Ed Durr.’”

“Now this was a huge upset,” Oliver continued. “And if you’re thinking, well, maybe Ed Durr simply captivated people with his unique and powerful vision of New Jersey, good luck with that argument.”

When asked on Fox News what the first thing he would do once he got to the capital in Trenton would be, Durr replied, “I really don’t know. That’s the key factor. I don’t know what I don’t know, so I will learn what I need to know.”

“Oh, come on, Ed Durr! You could have answered anything there!” exclaimed Oliver. “You could have said, ‘I’m going to lick every door handle’ or ‘I’m doing to get to the bottom of this Epstein thing,’ or you could have just said ‘Durr’—any of which would have been better than, ‘I don’t know.’”

On top of that, Durr has compared COVID mandates to the Holocaust and claimed that the Prophet Muhammad was a “pedophile” and that Islam is “a false religion.”


Author: John Hanno

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