GOP Rep Slams Sen. Josh Hawley As ‘One Of The Worst Human Beings’


GOP Rep Slams Sen. Josh Hawley As ‘One Of The Worst Human Beings’

David Moye – February 2, 2022

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) has apparently had enough of Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley ― and doesn’t care who knows what he thinks of his fellow Republican.

Spoiler alert: It’s not very nice.

On Wednesday, Hawley criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to order troops to Europe as Russia increases its military presence on its border with Ukraine. At the same time, the senator asked the White House to drop U.S. support for Ukraine joining NATO, according to The Hill.

Kinzinger wasn’t impressed by Hawley’s suggestion that America not support its ally, especially considering that he serves on the Jan. 6 select committee, while Hawley was seen raising his fist in solidarity towards a crowd of Donald Trump supporters ahead of the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan. 6.

And he didn’t mince words, calling Hawley “one of the worst human beings,” and “a self aggrandizing con artist” in a fiery tweet, adding, ”When Trump goes down I certainly hope this evil will be laid in the open for all to see, and be ashamed of.”

Kinzinger got some support for the tweet, but many conservatives mocked his misspellings and suggested his tweet was actually an endorsement of Hawley.

The Missouri senator told Business Insider that he didn’t understand Kinzinger’s animosity.

“And what prompts this outburst?” Hawley asked, before adding, “Weird.”

Kinzinger agreed via Twitter that “we are in weird times,” and said the proof is a Senator like Hawley who seems “more interested in pleasing Tucker [Carlson, of Fox News] and playing to worst instincts than leading. Denying Jan 6th truth despite fomenting it, among other things.”

Author: John Hanno

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